Joshua Arnone for US Senate

Where I stand on the issues:

Ending foreign involvement
I believe in ending occupation of foreign sovereign land and bringing our sons, daughters, husbands, and wives home. We have wasted far too much of our resources on the failed endeavor of nation building that has seen nothing but made out country less safe. Previous administrations have only destabilized in the Middle East and Africa leading to the refugee crisis we see today.

Ending the war on drugs 
I believe I current war on drugs has done more to destroy individuals, families, and communities than the actual drug itself. I see no reason that In a free nation an individual should be locked in a cage for mere possession of a substance. We must begin to treat addiction as a health issue not a criminal act. I war on drugs has destabilized Central and South America leading to cartels and violent gangs, this in turn has led to a refugee crisis on our southern border.

Balancing the budget
I believe that we must return to sound fiscal policy. Our government must stop spending more than it takes in in revenue. It’s reckless policy has led to a Devaluing of a dollar which gives us less purchasing power. That is why year after year we see our grocery bill go up yet the contents of our shopping cart gets smaller and smaller. I believe we must raining out of control spending and and focus on necessities and night favors.

I believe in school choice. I wish to seven property value from education. Your ZIP Code should not determine the quality of education you get. I believe in our modern age of technology we have the resources to acquire education from many different sources besides brick and mortar schools and I wish to give parentsMore flexibility in the education the children receive.  More flexibility in the education the children receive.

Veteran affairs 
I believe too many of our brave men and women coming back from the horrors of war Only to end their own lives. I wish to see more resources devoted towards organizations like the American Legion and VFW’s That can provide quality communal and social networks that are necessary for strong mental health. I intend to change VA practices to allow doctors to prescribe alternative medicines away from antidepressants that have shown to lead to greater suicide. I believe more must be done to take care of soldiers who have been exposed to harmful chemicals and environments that have left them with chronic illness and families who have lost loved ones too soon.

I do not believe universal healthcare is a solution for America, instead I believe we must move Toward a system of direct primary care where patients directly fund the family doctors. I wish to see insurance be restored to that, insurance, there to handle unexpected catastrophes not treating preventative care. I would like to see us move towards a system of free and low-cost clinics paid for through clinical educational programs.  I believe we must de regulate the healthcare system so that doctors and nurses can make visits to homebound seniors more assessable.

Right to bare arms
I believe the right to bare arms should never be infringed. The right to bare arms predates the constitution by almost 90 years with the English bill of right. When the king becomes a tyrant then the people must cut that kings head off. The 2nd amendment is not aright to hunt deer but to hunt tyrants. The National firearms act was made to combat criminal activity created because of prohibition and the government has been doubling down on failed policy since. Red flag laws violate the the forth amendment and due process.